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Super Siva (2017) Rajnikanth | Full Action Movie Hindi Dubbed Movie By: Priya Videos ActionPublished: 3 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Star Cast : Rajinikanth, Raghuvaran, Sowcar Janaki and Shobana in lead roles.
Directed by : Ameerjan.

Rajinikanth and Raghuvaran are close friends like their fathers, in spite of their difference in caste Hindu and Christian. But a villain kills family except Rajinikanth, Raghuvaran and Raghuvaran's mother, one twist is Raghuvaran does not knows that Rajinikanth and his mother was alive and vice versa. Years run, film opens after 20 years. Rajinikanth falls in love with Shobana. He marries her. Then Raghuvaran is a hired goon will do only good deeds. Raghuvaran is hired to kill Rajinikanth and during the fight both get injured and finally they come to know that they are childhood friends. Finally, both of them unite and fight the bad guy who killed their family.

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