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God Judges The Amazing Atheist By: DarkMatter2525Published: 2 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Finally, The Amazing Atheist meets his maker. Who do you think God should judge next?
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My channel has taken some bad collateral damage and lost a lot of revenue due to the advertising boycott on YouTube, so your contribution to my channel via Patreon would be especially appreciated in these tough times. I'm not stopping. I care about my channel. I want to make every effort to grow this channel, so I'm charging at the problem. I'm determined to upload more often, with both comedy and serious animations, using comedy to drive traffic, and also making some new animations with more intellectual value. Not every video will be Patreon supported - just one a month (two if they're both worthy). Patreon is the best place to interact with me and encourage the direction of this channel. You'll also receive updates on my projects, and show up in the credits of Patreon supported videos. As of right now, Patreon is the only way I can continue being active here, due to the amount of time required to animate. So, if you like this channel, and want to see it live, please consider supporting it on Patreon.

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