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Julia Michaels - Introducing Julia Michaels By: VevoPublished: 2 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Julia Michaels loves words. Growing up, she wrote poetry, and after her family moved from Iowa to California, she began writing lyrics and working with professional songwriters. When a collaboration on Demi Lovato's "Fire Starter" took off, it was pretty obvious: she had plenty of skills when it came to putting emotions to song. Her list of credits is long. She’s helped bring the world Selena Gomez’s “Good For You,” Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” and Hailee Steinfeld’s “Love Myself” among others. And she loves the process of collaboration. “I'm always fascinated by people's stories and what they’re going through, and how I can relate to them and help them figure out what they want to say," she explains in Vevo’s exclusive profile, ‘Introducing Julia Michaels.’

Lately, however, she’s saving a lot of the good stuff for herself, and stepping out on her own. Her new track “Issues” is her first foray into the world of being a performing artist. These days it’s Julia singing those great Julia songs. "When I wrote 'Issues' I said 'I've hidden behind people for the last seven years and I don't want to do it anymore…[The song] is so much me, that I felt uncomfortable with someone else singing it.” She says that revelation was a turning point, and now she’s moving forward and putting herself on the line. “I feel like I’ve spent the last seven years being other people’s therapist, and getting their stories out. I’m excited about being able to say what I want, and not have to avoid pronouns, and not have to be vague anymore. I’m excited to just do my own thing.”

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